The AOAC INTERNATIONAL Awards Program recognizes significant contributions to the analytical science community and to AOAC itself.  AOAC presents these awards at its Annual Meeting each fall, providing worldwide recognition to the recipients.

With your help, the AOAC INTERNATIONAL Awards Program can continue to recognize those individuals who are worthy of this honor.

The program consists of the following awards:

Member Service Award

The AOAC INTERNATIONAL Member Service Award Program recognizes all AOAC members who have attained the milestone anniversaries of 5, 10, 25, and 50 years of membership in the Association.

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Recogizes the dedication and commitment of members who have served the Association with distinction.

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Official Methods Award


The AOAC Official Methods Board recognizes significant contributions and meritorious volunteer service to the AOAC analytical scientific community. 

  • Achievement in Technical and Scientific Excellence Award
  • Expert Review Panel of the Year
  • Community Volunteer of the Year
  • Technical Advisor of the Year
  • Study Director of the Year
  • Single Laboratory Validation Study of the Year
  • Multi-Laboratory Study of the Year 

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William Horwitz Award


This awards honors a lifetime of accomplishments and dedication to AOAC INTERNATIONAL.

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Special Recognition Award

The Special Recognition Award is presented for exemplary contributions and volunteerism.
  • Special Recognition Award
  • Honorees 5-10-25 and 50-year members
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Harvey W. Wiley Award

AOAC INTERNATIONAL's most prestigious scientific award, the Harvey W. Wiley Award, is presented to a scientist (or group of scientists) who have made an outstanding contribution to analytical method development in an area of interest to AOAC INTERNATIONAL. Awards include:
  • Harvey W. Wiley Award
  • Harvey W. Wiley Scholarship
  • Harvey W. Wiley Award Fund Contributors
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The Harvey W. Wiley Award Fund

All members of the analytical science community are encouraged to support excellence in their profession by contributing to the Harvey W. Wiley Award Fund. This fund is used solely to support both the Harvey W. Wiley Award and the Harvey W. Wiley Scholarship.

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Technical Division Award


The Technical Division on Reference Material (TDRM) award recognizes contributions and active participation of members of the Technical Division. 

  • Technical Division on Reference Material Achievement Award
  • TDRM Student Award

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J. AOAC INT. Manuscript Award

The Best Paper Award to Authors award is to recognize the most outstanding original and creative journal article published in the peer reviewed Journal of AOAC INTERNATIONAL in the calendar year.

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For additional information regarding the Awards Program, please contact the Manager:

May R. Jones
Email: mjones@aoac.org
Telephone: +1 (301) 924-7077 ext 114 
Fax: +1 (301) 924-7089