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Reduce Risk Exposure to Your Brand

Products are continually questioned with regard to their safety, potency, and label claims. Inferior and contaminated products cause the industry many problems. They impede the growth of business, undermine profitability, invite media scrutiny, and increase government regulation. The risk exposure to a company’s brand ultimately costs everyone money.

AOAC’s stakeholder, consensus-based validated methods through the AOAC® Performance-TestedSM and Official MethodsSM Programs are the sound, science-based solution to restoring public trust in a company’s products and controlling risk exposure to a company’s brand and business.

When controversy arose in India over pesticides in soft drinks, AOAC Organizational Affiliate (OA) companies turned to the Association to help opposing sides resolve the complex issues, which included the lack of standard analytical methodology, politics, and international trade. AOAC provided a science-based solution to the problem by bringing representatives from the Indian ministries, together with other major stakeholders, to develop, evaluate, and validate a consensus-based analytical method for the detection of pesticide residues in soft drinks through the AOAC® Official MethodsSM Program.

AOAC is ready to provide a science-based solution for you.

Be Part of AOAC's Leadership Circle

Organizational Affiliates actively participate in guiding and setting the strategic direction and priorities of the Association.

OAs are invited to participate in high-level, invitation-only meetings and discussions regarding global key topic areas where analytical methods and quality measurement tools are needed. These critical decision-making meetings are conducted with government and industry representatives present and are designed to initiate collaborations between the key stakeholders (suppliers, manufacturers, trade associations, retailers, test kit manufacturers, government, and others) in establishing a plan for analytical solutions in the areas of interest to the OAs.

Expand Your Business

AOAC expands your business by giving you a chance to participate in high-level decision making stakeholder meetings where consensus agreement is reached on the performance characteristics of the assays needed to address real issues in your industry.


Once the assay becomes validated according to the specified criteria and the solution implemented, stakeholders and potential customers will have the confidence to choose your product in today’s competitive market.


Test kit and instrument manufacturers will also receive the globally recognized AOAC® Performance-TestedSM and/or Official MethodSM designation. In fact, many AOAC® Official MethodsSM have been accepted by the Codex Alimentarius Commission and are specifically required in the enforcement of some state, provincial, municipal, and local laws and many federal standards worldwide.


You will be at the forefront of industry solutions making these invitation-only meetings essential networking opportunities for expanding your business.

Organizational memberships are held in the name of the organization and individual member representative benefits are transferable.

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