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About TDRM

The Technical Division on Reference Materials (TDRM) is highly active within AOAC INTERNATIONAL.  Initiatives focus on improving the quality of analytical measurements through the correct use of reference materials in methods validation, method transfer, or routine quality control. The group provides symposia at AOAC Annual Meetings on current issues and areas of interest relating to the use of reference materials.

TDRM is engaged with other groups at AOAC to promote the use of reference materials in support of reliable measurement outcomes.


The Technical Division on Reference Materials (TDRM) recommends policy and criteria to facilitate development and use of reference materials in validation, implementation, and use of AOAC methods. Therefore, the Technical Division on Reference Materials maintains close liaison with the Official Methods Board (and possible other method governing bodies) and the Laboratory Quality Assurance Committee within AOAC INTERNATIONAL to address these issues and policies on reference materials in AOAC Programs. 


The Technical Division on Reference Materials plans and conducts educational and informational activities on use of reference materials with AOAC Methods. These activities include organization and sponsorship of topical conferences and symposia, including the International Symposium on Biological and Environmental Reference Materials (BERM). Information on activities of the Technical Division will be disseminated to the membership through a newsletter.


All interested parties are invited to join AOAC INTERNATIONAL Technical Division on Reference Materials. By joining the Technical Division you will have the opportunity to work with other members, obtain news on the availability of reference materials, attend the annual meeting of the Technical Division and participate in round robin projects involving reference materials.


Annual Meetings of the Technical Division membership are held during the AOAC INTERNATIONAL Annual Meeting & Exposition. The Technical Division on Reference Materials Executive Committee meets more frequently. 

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TDRM Committee

To view information about the TDRM Committee, click next to the topic of your interest.

Committee Roster


Mission Statement

*Executive committee positions are elected three-year terms that run from September to September of the term year.

Contact Information

TDRM Database Access/Assistance 
General Information


  • TDRM Student Award
    The TDRM offers a Student Award for the purpose of promoting awareness of the need for method performance evaluation at an earlier point in a chemist's career. The award will be based upon a report that evaluates either the use of a reference material for method performance evaluation or the development of a new reference material.
  • TDRM Award
    The Technical Division on Reference Materials (TDRM) award recognizes contributions and encourages active participation of members of the TDRM in the pursuit of the goals and objectives of AOAC INTERNATIONAL.
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TDRM Database

Need to find a reference material?  The AOAC® Technical Division on Reference Materials (TDRM) database was developed to provide easy access to essential data for use in selection of reference materials based on analyte or analyte/matrix information meeting the needs of the analyst.

NOTE****The manufacturer's certificate is the authoritative resource for all information related to the reference material, and the official method is the only authoritative resource for information related to the method.

For any questions regarding the TDRM database of reference materials, contact

TDRM Reference Materials

TDRM Guidelines: Applications and Resources for Use of Reference Materials

TDRM Newsletter

TDRM publishes a quarterly newsletter that is emailed to all TDRM members.  

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