Call for Experts

The AOAC Official Methods of AnalysisSM (OMA) Program is currently seeking experts in several areas to participate as Subject Matter Experts and as Expert Review Panel (ERP) members to evaluate candidate methods for both the Harmonized Validation for Performance Tested MethodsSM (PTM) and Official Methods of AnalysisSM (OMA) only. Interested candidates must submit their information on the Call for Experts site with a copy of their current curriculum vitae (CV) and a summary of expertise.

AOAC Official Methods of AnalysisSM (OMA) Program

Consulting Services - Validation Testing Protocols and Plans
Subject Matter Experts assist in testing protocol development, peer review of the validation study manuscript, and supporting documentation. Subject Matter Experts will participate as volunteers and will review protocols and validation reports for proprietary and commercial methods currently seeking validation through the AOAC Official Methods of AnalysisSM (OMA) Program. All reviews are coordinated electronically and subject matter experts do not need to attend any in-person meetings but must be available for teleconference, if needed.

Expert Review Panel Members
Expert Review Panel members will assist in the review submitted method manuscripts being considered for AOAC First Action or AOAC Final Action Official MethodsSM status. Please note that all interested Expert Review Panel members must be able attend the mandatory Expert Review Panel webinar sessions and participate in Expert Review Panel meetings in-person.


General Applicability: Determination of Monomeric Anthocyanins In Fruit Juices, Beverages, Natural Colorants, And Wines Within The Range Of 20–3000 Mg/L As Cyanidin-3-Glucoside Equivalents
Technology: pH Differential Method


General Applicability: Determination of Gluten in foods
Technology: Various technologies


General Applicability: Determination of Lactose in Milk
Technology: Various technologies


General Applicability: Determination of Milk Protein in Foods
Technology: Immunoassay


Technology: Matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization-Time of Flight (MALDI-TOF)


General Applicability: Determination of Salmonella, Listeria, E.Coli, etc.
Technology: Various technologies


General Applicability: Determination of Sulfites in Seafood
Technology: Various technologies