OMA Expert Review Panel

The AOAC Expert Review Panels (ERPs) are a key part of AOAC INTERNATIONAL’s Method Approval Process. AOAC ERPs are authorized to adopt candidate methods as First Action Official Methods and to recommend adoption of these methods to Final Action Official Methods status. Scientists are recruited to serve on ERPs in a variety of ways. Normally, a call for experts is published at the same time as a call for methods is posted.  Interested scientists are invited to submit their curriculum vitae (CV) for consideration.  Advisory panel, stakeholder panel, and working group members may make recommendations to AOAC for ERP members. All CVs are reviewed and evaluated for expertise by the AOAC Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) and then to the AOAC Official Methods Board for formal review. The composition of the ERP must be fulfilled with qualified subject matter experts representing various perspectives.  Please refer to our Call for Experts on the AOAC homepage for further information. 

Expert Review Panel Orientation Presentation
This presentation from our webinar will provide new volunteers the opportunity to learn about the logistics of participation on an AOAC expert review panel (ERP) while seasoned volunteers will have an opportunity to receive a refresher course on expectations of ERP chairpersons and ERP members.  AOAC Expert Review Panels (ERPs) have specific roles and responsibilities. We will discuss in detail the rules for demonstrating ERP consensus in regards to voting members, non-voting members, and abstentions. In addition, the Official Methods Board (OMB) will discuss the expectation of methods under consideration for Final Action status and what feedback they consider important for methods to have for First Action Official Methods being recommended for Final Action or repealed from the Official Methods of Analysis of AOAC INTERNATIONAL.  The following discussion topics will aid volunteers on how to prepare, conduct and participate in AOAC ERP meetings. 
  • AOAC Method Submissions Process 
  • Recruitment and Selection of ERP Members 
  • Mandatory Attendance Requirements 
  • Voting Rules and Quorum Policy 
  • Method Review Process 
  • Demonstrating ERP Consensus 
  • First Action Official Methods Requirements 
  • First Action to Final Action Requirements 
  • Method Feedback