Proposed Modification to AOAC Official Method 932.14 Solids in Syrups
July 18, 2017 [Rockville, MD]: The AOAC Research Institute announces a notification of a proposed change in status of an AOAC Final Action Official Method 932.14 Solids in Syrups [Final Action]. The open public comment period for the proposed modification of AOAC Official Method 932.14 will be posted for a minimum of 30 days. The comment period opens on Friday, July 21, 2017 and closes Friday, September 29, 2017. Comments will be compiled, reviewed, and intended to obtain input on the proposed modification. The documents may be revised if necessary, based on comments received. Any interested party may submit comments.

A modification to AOAC Official Method 932.14: Solids in Syrups [Final Action] is being proposed. Please see the following information regarding the modification:

Summary of Proposed Modification or Extension

1) The addition of the following section is being proposed for this method:

(a) “Section D: By Means of U-Tube Oscillation – Digital Density Meter Method” D. By Means of U-Tube Oscillation – Digital Density Meter Method (Applicable for solutions containing sucrose, liquid sugar products containing invert sugar, other nonsucrose solids and liquids containing no undissolved solids). Determine Brix from specific gravity as measured by AOAC 988.06 using AOAC 942.33 – Degrees Brix, specific gravity, and degrees Baume of sugar solutions (Plato Table).

2) Refer to OMA 988.06 as AOAC Final Action Official Methods Status.

Comment Process

AOAC requests that the following guidelines be observed in providing comments regarding the above modification:
  1. Please specify if the comment is an editorial, content, or disagreement comment.
  2. Provide rationale as to why the comments should be considered.
  3. All comments are due within 30 days of the initial posting date (deadline: Friday, September 29, 2017). AOAC reserves the right to not to accept comments received after the deadline.
  4. Editorial comments provide additional clarification or correct typographical errors. Please suggest alternative wording or typographical corrections.
  5.  Content-related comments provide technical clarity and comprehensiveness. Please suggest the appropriate technical language. Documents will be reviewed by AOAC for technical accuracy and clarity.
  6. Disagreement comments reflect a perspective on content documented/undocumented in the drafts. Please provide language that document the perspective or position.

To provide comments and review the proposed modification of AOAC Official Method 932.14, please use the link at HTTPS://FORM.JOTFORM.COM/61666298869175.