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Standard Method Performance Requirements (SMPRs)

Standard method performance requirements (SMPRs) are a unique and novel concept for the analytical methods community. SMPRs are voluntary consensus standards, developed by stakeholders that prescribe the minimum analytical performance requirements for classes of analytical methods.  The following SMPRs have been developed by the working groups and endorsed by the Stakeholder Panel on Strategic Food Analytical Methods.  For further guidance, please refer to the AOAC Official Methods of Analysis Appendix F: Guidelines for Standard Method Performance Requirements.




   Arsenic Speciation
   Bisphenol-A (BPA)
   Cannabis (Pesticide Residues)
   Cannabis (Quantitation of Cannabinoids in Cannabis Concentrates)
   Cannabis (Quantitation of Cannabinoids in Dried Plant Materials)
   Cannabis (Quantitation of Cannabinoids in Chocolate)
   Clarification of Testing Materials for Cannabinoid SMPRs
   Ethanol in Kombucha Tea



Heavy Metals

   Low Lactose

Proanthocyanidins (Identification of Type-A Proanthocyanidins in Cranberry Products)

Proanthocyanidins (Quantitation of Proanthocyanidin Content in Cranberry Products)

St. John’s Wort

Selected Food Allergens


   Veterinary Drug Residues

Vitamin A

Vitamin D

Vitamin E

Vitamin K

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