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Official Methods for the Determination of trans Fat

Magdi M. Mossoba, John K.G. Kramer, Pierluigi Delmonte, Martin P. Yurawecz, and Jeanne I. Rader 

This monograph describes the most common gas chromatographic and infrared spectroscopic official methods required for the determination of trans fatty acids for food labeling purposes. The authors review the current status and limitations of the latest methods and discuss the numerous factors that may have an impact on accuracy and precision. The extensive discussion informs current researchers and analysts in nutrition and food chemistry and technology and should provide a stimulus for improving trans fatty acid methodologies.


Structure and Occurrence of trans Fatty Acids

Official Methods

Capillary Gas Chromatography • GC Official Methods AOAC 996.06 and AOCS Ce 1f-96 • Quantitative GC Determination of trans Fatty Acids Prefractionation of trans 18:1 Geometric Isomers by Silver Ion Chromatography

Fourier-Transform Infrared Spectroscopy
Instrumentation • Transmission Mode • Attenuated Total Reflection Mode • trans Fat Infrared Methodology • Transmission FTIR Official Method AOCS Cd 14-95/AOAC 965.34 • ATR-FTIR Official Method AOCS Cd 14d-99/AOAC 2000.10

Present Status and Limitations of Official Methods