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Ecology and Management of Food Industry Pests

J.R. Gorham, Editor

An Essential Reference Manual On
Food Pest Management

An authoritative illustrated compilation, prepared under the direction of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, this book brings together the knowledge of leading scientists in the field. It provides alternatives for managing and controlling insects and other pest populations attacking food as it moves from the farm to the consumer. This book is an essential resource for anyone involved in food storage, processing, distribution, or regulation.


  • Introduction
  • Ecology: Microorganisms; Mites; Insect Pests (cockroaches, beetles, springtails, moths, flies, ants), and parasitic wasps
  • Vertebrate Pests (birds, bats, rodents)
  • Prevention
  • Survey and Control
  • Health Aspects
  • Regulation and Inspection
  • Management
  • Glossary.
  • Taxonomic Index
  • Subject Index

  • Copyright © 1991 AOAC INTERNATIONAL. 600 pages. Illustrations.
    Hardbound. ISBN 0- 935584-45-5.
    Stock No. 7000.