AOAC regularly offers professional development training courses at the Annual Meeting (usually in September) and Midyear Meeting (usually in March). Below are descriptions of our most recent training options from the 2020 Midyear Meeting; but we are developing new courses on an ongoing basis so make sure to check back here.

Professional development training courses

AOAC offered two popular training courses at the Midyear Meeting, both updated to reflect the latest developments in this rapidly-changing field.

  • AOAC Method Validation Training Course
  • AOAC/A2LA Process Risk Management Training Course


AOAC Method Validation Training Course

March 10, 2020 9 am to 4 pm • $500 USD

REGISTRATION: Opens November 12, 2019

This course is a one-day review of the technical validation requirements and processes of the Performance Tested Methods℠ and Official Methods of AnalysisSM programs.  The course will include breakout sessions covering the technical requirements for microbiology methods and for chemistry methods, plus new modules specific for validation of cannabis methods.  

Course Contents

  1. Overview of the Performance Tested Methods℠ and Official Methods of Analysis programs  
    • Application & consulting processes
    • Report format
    • Certification
    • Renewals
    • Modifications
  2. Technical requirements and instructions for inclusivity/exclusivity (microbiology), calibration/selectivity (chemistry), matrix studies, robustness, and product consistency and stability for test kit evaluations
  3. Harmonization (micro) with AFNOR, MicroVal, NMKL, and between PTM and OMA
  4. Modules for: 
    • Method developers
    • Independent laboratories
    • Expert reviewers. 
    • NEW:  Cannabis-Focused SMPRs 

Target Attendees: 

  • Method developers
  • Independent laboratories
  • Candidates for AOAC Expert Reviewers

Learning Outcomes: 

Method developers: 

  • Better understanding of AOAC processes
  • Improved study designs meeting AOAC and AOACRI requirements
  • More concise data collection
  • Quicker reviews and therefore faster PTM and OMA approvals 

Independent laboratories:

  • Part of qualification as a PTM Independent Laboratory 
  • Improved chances for selection as independent laboratories
  • Better understanding of technical requirements and processes for performing studies
  • More concise data collection

Candidates for AOAC Expert Reviewers:

  • Better understanding of AOAC processes
  • Better understanding of current practices and acceptance criteria
  • Improved chances for selection as an Expert Reviewer 


AOAC/A2LA Process Risk Management Training Course

March 9, 2020 • 9 am to 5 pm • $500 USD

REGISTRATION: Opens November 12, 2019

Course Description

This course introduces the participants to risk-based thinking from an international standards perspective. The participant will learn risk concepts from ISO 31000 and ISO 9000 and become familiar with historic risk management approaches as well as some of the current preventive and corrective risk tools that may be used in the ISO conformity assessment arena, specifically within the requirements ISO/IEC 17025:2017 and the ALACC Guidelines. 

Learning Outcomes

After successful completion of the course, the participant will be able to:  

  1. From memory, identify and describe the three components identified in ISO/IEC 17025 that drive customer confidence; 
  2. Given a diagram of the Process Approach, describe the components; 
  3. Define risk; 
  4. Describe the 3 components for risk assessment; 
  5. Identify the 4 phases of risk management; and 
  6. Given various tools for identifying and evaluating risk, apply the tools under given scenarios. 


Participants should bring laptops with a spreadsheet application, such as Excel.