AOAC's Accredited Laboratory Proficiency Testing Program (LPTP)

With other proficiency testing providers making their way into the analytical testing arena it is important to distinguish the difference in quality and service that the accredited AOAC Laboratory Proficiency Testing Program (LPTP) offers to its participants. The LPTP was the first accredited program for analytical food laboratories in the United States, in 2001.

Through those years, AOAC has used its experience to build a superior quality program that rises above the rest. All of AOAC’s programs; microbiology, food chemistry, and pesticide residue programs, are accredited.

AOAC should be your first choice for your laboratory’s proficiency testing needs.

Routine Samples Ready to Analyze

AOAC’s proficiency testing samples arrive at the laboratory ready to analyze like routine samples. AOAC’s samples go through rigorous homogeneity testing before the samples are shipped. Stability testing is completed at the round’s end.

Other companies that offer proficiency testing programs have samples that have to be prepared and mixed prior to analysis; this can present an opportunity for error and also takes additional time and resources.

Samples Used for Evaluation

The AOAC Proficiency Testing Program has procedures in place to ensure that the result data the participating laboratories’ receive meets the requirements that were determined by an advisory task force consisting of international experts. If a sample fails to meet the requirements then that sample is flagged for review and may not be used for evaluation. 


AOAC now offers a custom program of full or partial shipments to fit your labs needs.  You may enroll in as many shipments as your lab requires.  Click here to enroll.

Additional Rounds of Samples

AOAC offers to its participating laboratories the opportunity to purchase additional rounds of samples of either the program they are already enrolled in for a year, or a different program of interest. This helps laboratories that may need additional samples for things such as: a nonconformance (lab needs additional samples to address a nonconformance), additional method validation, internal purposes, etc.

Experts Available for Assistance

AOAC is a scientific association and has expert volunteers from industry and government that can assist in methodology or testing questions.