Program Benefits

Today's analytical laboratories compete in a truly global marketplace. To succeed, an analytical laboratory must maintain the highest possible standard of accuracy and reliability.

The AOAC INTERNATIONAL Laboratory Proficiency Testing Program enables laboratories to offer their products to markets worldwide. In fact, AOAC INTERNATIONAL has assumed a leadership role in providing proficiency testing programs to analytical laboratories. The program has grown to meet the needs of our ever-expanding field and currently offers a wide array of proficiency testing program modules in the areas of food microbiology, food chemistry, pesticide residues, and others.
The Laboratory Proficiency Testing Program comes with AOAC INTERNATIONAL’s commitment to provide:
  • An A2LA Accredited program
  • Independent assessment of the accuracy and reliability of your analytical data
  • Testing samples arrive at your laboratory ready to analyze, like routine samples
  • Comprehensive testing programs offering a wide array of analytes and matrices
  • Confidential and secure website to enter data
  • Historical database
  • State-of-the-art electronic reports
  • Access to international quality experts
  • Expanding programs to meet your quality assurance needs