Why Enroll in Our Program?

Because AOAC INTERNATIONAL is the leader in providing proficiency testing programs that set the standard for quality of analytical laboratories.  Companies that sell food products to markets throughout the world must maintain the highest possible standards of accuracy and reliability. The quality of samples, responsive technical support, and the Associations historic commitment to laboratory quality ensures that the AOAC INTERNATIONAL Laboratory Proficiency Testing Program is the premier proficiency testing program available to analytical laboratories. 

How to Enroll

  1. Select the program your lab requires from the Program Catalog

  2. Use the writable enrollment form to fill out your selection(s). Complete all steps of the form.  All fields are required.  If the form is not completed this may delay your enrollment. (Note: By checking the boxes next to the program and start date, your form will automatically calculate the price).

a)      Step 1a: Program, Rates and Start date - Select your program (check the box to the left of each program(s) you wish to enroll in).

b)      Step 1b: Program, Rates and Start date - Select your program start date (check the box next to the start month/date. See the Enrollment Deadlines to ensure your enrollment will be accepted for the selected start date).

c)      Step 1c: Program, Rates and Start date - If your located in Canada or Mexico, check the box at the bottom of the form that says "Check box if shipping to Canada or Mexico" (there is an additional shipping fee to these locations).  If you are located outside of the continental U.S., Canada or Mexico, contact us to see if we can ship to your location.

d)      Step 1d: Billing Policies - Read and Initial next to each billing policy.

e)      Step 2: Shipping Information - Provide the primary contact information and the shipping address where samples should be received (the primary contact person receives emails about shipments, results and renewals).

f)       Step 3: Billing Information - Provide complete billing Information and billing contact.

g)      Step 4: Payment Information - Provide purchase order and/or payment information.

h)      Step 5: To submit the enrollment form electronically select the button "Click to Submit".  To submit via fax or mail select "Click to Print".

Enrollment Confirmation

Once your enrollment is completed, AOAC will email a confirmation with your program information, participant login, and invoice (if applicable).

Enrollment Form*

Enrollment Form

Please note: If you are unable to use and submit the PDF form, you may print and fax (301-924-7087) or email the completed form to LPTP@aoac.org, or call us at 301-924-7077 x146 for assistance. 

Enrollment Deadlines

Your laboratory can enroll in any of our programs, at any time, and be set up to receive the very next shipment of samples for the program that you choose. We only require that your laboratory enroll in a program at least 30 days prior to the next shipment month (see enrollment deadlines).  AOAC provides participant numbers to the test material provider 30 days prior to a scheduled shipment.  In order to receive a shipment your lab must be included on this list.  

Shipping: International and Non-Continental U.S. Customers

AOAC ships all samples using Fedex via overnight. These shipments are sent door‐to‐door service. We can readily ship samples to most of North America, Central America, South America, Europe and some regions of Asia. Other international locations can receive samples but the laboratory would need to hire an independent broker such as World Courier or other.   If we can ship to your location, an additional international shipping fee will be added to your invoice total.  Shipping rates are determined by Fedex, not by AOAC.  

Please contact us if your laboratory is interested in signing up for one of our programs that contains pathogens as specific countries do have regulations on importing “dangerous goods”. Pathogens are considered “dangerous goods” according to IATA regulations. AOAC staff will gladly look up this information for you.
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