LPTP Participant Center

Submit Results

A confidential and secure web site has been designed so that your laboratory can log in using a secure password and enter responses, methods, and results online. Laboratories also receive reports electronically through the web site. The electronic submission of results and report distribution greatly reduces the turnaround time for issuing results, ensuring your laboratory receives its verified results as quickly as possible.   Select "login" to start entering your results now.

Assign Reviewers

You may assign up to four people to review completed results through the AOAC PT website.  Use the "Assign Reviewer" function to add these individuals.  Note: Reviewers do not have access to raw data submitted, and cannot make changes in any way.

View Reports

There are two ways to view and print electronic reports and results:
  1. The primary lab contact receives an email notification from AOAC when results are issued with a direct link to your report in the email.
  2. Login to the PT Participant website to view and print current and historical reports.


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