Official Methods Board Member

Brooke Roman is a Research & Development Director, overseeing validation efforts on NEOGEN food safety products. Her global team works collaboratively with internal groups to validate products prior to launch or before a change. It also works for and within various approval bodies to achieve external certifications on NEOGEN products and services and represents the perspective of method developers within key groups. Brooke is a member of the NEOGEN innovation team, achieving a black belt in innovation.

Prior to working in validation, Brooke was a Research Scientist within the R&D department at NEOGEN, developing immunodiagnostic products for the natural toxin, allergen, and dairy product lines. She received a Master of Science degree from Michigan State University in human nutrition, working in a nutritional immunology laboratory with a focus on immune function in calorically restricted mice. Her Bachelor of Science degree is also from Michigan State University in Nutritional Sciences.

Brooke has teaching experience both as a graduate teaching assistant and adjunct instructor. Brooke has 12 peer reviewed publications and a handful of professional presentations. In addition to serving on various working groups within AOAC and ISO, she serves as the chair elect on the AOAC Research Institute Advisory Council and on the AOAC Official Methods Board.

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