This page covers key points reviewers should consider, as well as what areas to focus on, when conducting peer reviews of papers submitted to the Journal of AOAC INTERNATIONAL.

Key points to consider

  • Is the article important?
  • Will it help our readers to make better decisions and, if so, how?
  • Will the article add enough to existing knowledge?
  • Does the article read well and make sense? Does it have a clear message?
  • Is the article related to the scope of the Journal?

The research article submitted for your review should be evaluated based on the quality of the scientific information and quality of presentation. Reviewers do not need to be concerned with style or format.

Evaluating the science

Consider the following criteria, among others you may decide to use:

  • Originality of the research
  • Technical quality
  • Clarity and logic
  • Statistical treatment of the data
  • Contribution to the field of analytical chemistry or microbiology
  • Data supports the conclusions
  • Safety considerations

Evaluating the presentation

Consider the following factors, among others you may decide to use:

  • Adequacy and appropriateness of title
  • Abstract contains purpose of research, key results and conclusions
  • Paper includes clear description of background material and experimental procedures
  • Results and discussion are clear and supported by experimental data
  • Relevance of tables and figures
  • Clarity and logic of organization
  • Inadequate or excessive length of the manuscript

Style, format and copy editing

AOAC has expert copy editors to handle poorly written material that deserves to be published on its technical merit. Poorly written papers should be reviewed for scientific content, and problems of clarity of presentation should be noted in the reviewer comments.