March 18, 2020

Updated March 18, 2020

To our AOAC Members and Community,

As public health measures take effect in the United States and around the world, many normal business operations are being impacted. You may have questions about the status of AOAC’s operations that affect you or your business. We hope the following status report will be helpful. This information will be updated as the situation evolves.

AOAC Executive Director Dave Schmidt on March 16 encouraged state, local, and federal authorities to ensure mobility and access to personnel in public and private testing labs to ensure food safety and public health. Read the letter >


The AOAC Midyear Meeting was held the week of March 9-13 following extensive evaluation of risk versus the benefit of continuing the important analytical science work carried out during the meeting. While a number of attendees and presenters participated remotely, the meeting program was largely unaffected and the goals of the meeting were met.

The AOAC INTERNATIONAL Annual Meeting is still scheduled as planned for September 11-17, 2020.

Business Operations

AOAC has implemented a policy of telework for staff working in the Rockville, Maryland office. Normal business operations including meetings, communications, and standards development will continue via remote technology such as conference calls and project management platforms as usual.  Email and calls to our main line (301/924-7077) will continue to be monitored and responsive.

Standards and Official Methods

AOAC expects these critical areas of work to continue through remote technology, which is already a well-established part of our Standards and Official Methods infrastructure. However, some delays are to be expected in the short term as contributing scientists and businesses focus on adapting their operations to the immediate impact of the public health situation. If you have any specific issues please contact Deborah McKenzie, Senior Director of Standards. ([email protected])

Proficiency Testing

AOAC is currently evaluating the impact current coronavirus-related business closures, border closures, and other public health measures may have on shipping, laboratory operations, or other aspects of the Proficiency Testing process. Please contact Arlene Fox, Senior Director of Proficiency Testing, ([email protected]) if you are experiencing an issue.

Performance Tested Methods

AOAC currently considers the likelihood of significant impact on the Performance Tested Methods review and approval process to be low. Please contact Scott Coates, Senior Director of the AOAC Research Institute, ([email protected]) with any questions or issues.