October 27, 2020
AOAC’s Standard Method Performance Requirements (SMPRs), the “road maps” for method developers, are free to all. Now they’re easily accessed on AOAC’s website.

Stakeholders who are familiar with accessing SMPRs via AOAC’s online eOMA database can continue to access them on that site, if they prefer.

How to find and access SMPRs on aoac.org

All Standard Method Performance Requirements (SMPR℠), including drafts currently under development by working groups, can be found in the “Resources” section of the AOAC website. SMPRs are free to all.

View a list of all SMPRs

The link to view all SMPRs is found in aoac.org’s main menu, at the top of the website. Hover over “Resources” and in the dropdown menu, click SMPRs. You will be taken to a database-driven page that lists the titles of all SMPRs published to date, with links to view the SMPRs. View the SMPR listing page >

Find SMPRs for a specific program or topic

To view all SMPRs for a program or topic (such as SPIFAN or CASP), go to the SMPR list and use the “Filter Resources” box at the right of the page. Select a topic from the dropdown menu labelled “All Topics.”

Topics are in plain language; for example, SPIFAN is listed as “Infant Formula and Adult Nutritionals” and CASP appears as “Cannabis.”

Select your topic of interest and click the red “Apply Filters” button at the bottom of the Filter Resources box. All unrelated SMPRs will be filtered out.

Find a specific SMPR

You can access a specific SMPR by entering a term in the “Keyword Search” field of the “Filter Resources” box. Click the red “Apply Filters” button at the bottom of the Filter Resources box and unrelated SMPRs will be filtered out.

Keywords can include:

  • SMPR number
  • Topic or program
  • Matrix or other parameter (such as “egg” or “mass spec”)

View an SMPR

Once the SMPR you are looking for has been retrieved into the SMPR listing page, simply click the name of the SMPR to view it and a PDF of the SMPR will load into your browser window.