November 13, 2019

DEADLINE: August 28, 2020.

AOAC INTERNATIONAL is seeking experts to participate on the Expert Review Panels (ERPs) and review candidate methods for Official Methods of AnalysisSM First Action Status.

ERPs meet in person to review methods submitted against a given set of Standard Method Performance Requirements® (SMPRs).  The Cannabis Analytical Science Program ERPs will determine conformity of submitted methods against the following SMPRs:

General Applicability:  Various, see individual SMPRs.

Technology: Any analytical technique that measures the analyte(s) of interest and meets the method performance requirements is acceptable.
Individuals approved to sit on the ERP will be required to attend an ERP Orientation Session (via web conference).  Applicants should be experts in the technologies used, AOAC processes, and/or the analyte in question.

To apply for ERP membership, please complete this form.