July 25, 2022

AOAC Research Institute (AOAC RI) invites method developers to submit relevant methods that may meet AOAC Standard Method Performance RequirementsSM (SMPR®) 2018.011 for Identification and Quantitation of Selected Pesticide Residues in Dried Cannabis Materials.

Submitted relevant methods will be validated and certified through AOAC RI’s conformity assessment program, Reviewed & RecognizedSM (R2).

R2 Program Elements:

  • The method developer and an AOAC RI technical consultant prepare a validation outline for validation study protocols in the consulting phase, which are reviewed by an AOAC Volunteer Expert.
  • Data from the method developer and one qualified independent laboratory are required, including:
    • Method selectivity and demonstrated method performance for all claimed matrices.
    • Equipment/component quality assurance.
    • Method transferability.
  • AOAC RI facilitates expert peer review of the method and validation report.
  • Successful methods as described in Application Notes, Method Documents, or Standard Operating Procedures will receive a Certification Mark and Certificate with a unique license number.
  • Certification is reviewed annually for renewal.
  • Application and program-related fees apply.

If interested and for all questions or inquiries, contact Nora Marshall at [email protected]  or Don Gilliland at [email protected]

To submit an application: R2 Method Application