February 26, 2020

AOAC INTERNATIONAL (AOAC) is launching a working group on rosins to develop analytical standard method performance requirements (SMPR®) during the AOAC Midyear Meeting. AOAC is actively recruiting international volunteers with experience and expertise to serve on this working group. Membership in this working group is an opportunity to participate and lend your expertise and experience to the development of standards and methods for the analysis of glycerol esters of wood rosins (GEWR). If you are a subject matter expert and are interested in volunteering on an AOAC working group, please complete the application below.

Current Scope of the AOAC Working Group on Rosins

The working group is being tasked with developing SMPRs for methods that will characterize and quantify glycerol esters of wood rosins derived from four principle pine species including:

  • Glycerol mono, di, and tri‐esters
  • Free resin acids
  • Neutrals (non‐acidic other saponifiable and unsaponifiable substances)

Anticipated Timeframe For Working Group

  1. Working Group initial in‐person meeting held on March 12, 2020, 1:30pm – 3:30pm (AOAC Midyear Meeting)
  2. Electronic Working Group meetings biweekly webconferences during April 2020 – June/July 2020
  3. Working Group in‐person meeting to be determined (TBD) during September 11‐17, 2020 (AOAC Annual Meeting)

Eligibility For Working Group Membership

To be considered for Working Group Membership, candidates must:

  1. Submit an application including brief statement of experience and a two page CV or resume
  2. Have experience and/or expertise in at least one of the following, but not limited to:
    • Analysis of GEWR or rosins
    • Regulations or Rules pertaining to GEWR or rosins
    • Development or Use of GEWR or rosins
    • Analytical Techniques used to evaluate rosins
    • JECFA discussions and EFSA recommendations on rosins
    • Rosins and Pine Species
    • Research on Rosins
    • Rosin Chemistry

Click here to submit your application.