The Cannabis Analytical Science Program (CASP) meeting on Sept 7, 2019 was a great success.  About 200 scientists from around the country came to Denver, Colorado to discuss standards for cannabis methods.  The attendees reviewed and approved three Standard Method Performance Requirements (SMPRs): 1) Quantitation of cannabinoids in plant materials of hemp (low THC varieties Cannabis sp.), 2) Identification and Quantitation of Selected Residual Solvents in Dried Cannabis Materials, and 3) Detection of Aspergillus in Cannabis and Cannabis Products.  The working groups also presented a series of recommendations for future education and training courses; an overview of the CASP program; best practices for microbiology cannabis methods; on-site verification; statistical issues; sampling issues; and presentation of data with regards to measurement uncertainty.  Program Lead Scott Coates outlined a proposed plan of work for 2020.