AOAC SMPR® 2018.012

Standard Method Performance Requirements (SMPR®) for Quantitation of Peanut by ELISA-Based Methods

AOAC SMPR® 2018.011

Standard Method Performance Requirements (SMPR®) for Identification and Quantitation of Selected Pesticide Residues in Dried Cannabis Materials

AOAC SMPR® 2018.010

Standard Method Performance Requirements (SMPR®) for Screening and Identification Method for Regulated Veterinary Drug Residues in Food

AOAC SMPR® 2018.009

Standard Method Performance Requirements (SMPR®) for Lactose in Low-Lactose or Lactose-Free Milk, Milk Products and Products Containing Dairy Ingredients

AOAC SMPR® 2018.008

Standard Method Performance Requirements (SMPR®) for Determination of Selected Compounds from Teucrium spp. in Skullcap Materials in Commerce

AOAC SMPR® 2018.007

Standard Method Performance Requirements (SMPR®) for Identification of Skullcap in Raw Materials, Skullcap-Based Dietary Ingredients and Dietary Supplements

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Methods & Standards, Infant Formula and Adult Nutritionals

Call for Public Comment – MFGM SMPR®

May 24, 2024

The Stakeholder Panel on Infant Formula and Adult Nutrition (SPIFAN) Working Group recently completed its Standard Method Performance Requirement® (SMPR®) for Determination of Milk Fat Globule Membrane (MFGM) Proteins in […]

Annual Meeting, Chemistry, Methods & Standards, Research Institute, Microbiology

New Training Courses at Annual Meeting

May 24, 2024

Three training courses will be held in person at the AOAC 2024 Annual Meeting in Baltimore. Performance Tested Methods and Official Methods of Analysis Technical Requirements will be held on […]

Publications, Food Authenticity & Fraud, Contaminants, Microbiology, Allergens, Food General, Journal of AOAC, Methods & Standards

Latest Issue of the JAOAC

May 24, 2024

The May-June 2024 issue, Volume 107 Issue 3, of the Journal of AOAC INTERNATIONAL has been released. The latest issue contains research and review articles on Drug Formulations; Food Authenticity/Food […]

Microbiology, Methods & Standards

Metagenomics Working Group: Volunteers Needed (EXTENDED)

May 24, 2024

AOAC will launch the development of three agnostic voluntary consensus standards (including standard method performance requirements) for metagenomic sequencing methodology. The standards will be the metagenomic counterpart to the amplicon […]