The Reviewed & Recognized SM (R2) validation program is the newest offering from the AOAC Research Institute.

Reviewed & Recognized SM (R2) Overview

The Reviewed & Recognized SM (R2) validation program from the AOAC Research Institute (AOAC RI) is designed to evaluate performance claims on “application notes”, or instructions for use that describe how an instrument or analytical equipment can be used to detect, quantify or identify specified analytes in matrices. Functionally, the Rprogram will operate very similarly to the AOAC RI Performance Tested Methods (PTM) program.

The R2 program process is: 

  1. The method developer and an AOAC RI technical consultant prepare a validation outline for validation study protocols in the consulting phase. 
  2. AOAC staff reviews the application.
  3. The method developer completes its validation study.
  4. The method developer selects an AOAC RI independent laboratory to complete the independent validation study.
  5. AOAC RI facilitates expert peer review of the results of both validation studies. If approved, AOAC RI grants AOAC R2 certification, and the organization is licensed to use the certification mark.
  6. The certification is reviewed for renewal the following year.

Data Requirements for Reviewed & Recognized SM

  • Data from method developer and one qualified independent laboratory required
    • Selectivity and method performance for all claimed matrixes
    • Equipment/component quality assurance
    • Method transferability
  • Customized processes available

Method Submission for Reviewed & Recognized SM

AOAC Expert Reviewers review validation manuscripts and application notes for R2 certification.

Certified Methods

Successful methods described in application notes will receive a certification mark and certificate with a unique license number.

  • Search Certified Methods
  • Validation manuscripts published in the Journal of AOAC INTERNATIONAL
  • Method modifications and extensions validated to keep pace with innovations
  • Can be the first step of Official Methods of AnalysisSM process

Program Pricing

See the AOAC RI fee schedule.

For all questions, contact Nora Marshall, Senior Manager, AOAC Research Institute, at [email protected].