AOAC INTERNATIONAL is a member-driven organization. Volunteers are essential to the fulfillment of our mission. Below are leadership opportunities in Boards, Committees, and Councils related to governance, programmatic, and technical programming.

AOAC boards, governance, programmatic, and technical bodies

Board of Directors

Purpose: To establish policies and manage the affairs of the Association between meetings of the Membership
Contact: David Schmidt, [email protected]
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Official Methods Board

Purpose: To serve the Association in a scientific and advisory capacity on methods and the process of their adoption and to implement procedures adopted by the Board of Directors.
Contact: Deborah McKenzie, [email protected]; Delia Boyd, [email protected]
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Technical Programming Council

Purpose: To provide advice and support in the development and oversight of AOAC’s professional development programs.
Contact: Lauren Chelf, [email protected]

Harvey W. Wiley Award Committee

Purpose: To select the recipient of the annual AOAC INTERNATIONAL Harvey W. Wiley Award.
Contact: May Rose Jones, [email protected]

Committee on Sections

Purpose: To foster communication between AOAC Regional Sections; to provide and make recommendations to the Association on policies and procedures pertaining to AOAC Sections.
Contact: Dawn Frazier, [email protected]; May Rose Jones, [email protected]

Tellers Committee

Purpose: To audit and certify the results of the AOAC INTERNATIONAL mail ballots.
Contact: Alicia Meiklejohn, [email protected]

Editorial Board

Purpose: To oversee the development, editing, and publishing of the Journal of AOAC INTERNATIONAL; to provide for long and short range publication planning.
Contact: Dawn Frazier, [email protected]; Jennifer Diatz, [email protected]
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Committee on Fellows

Purpose: To select and recommend to the AOAC Board of Directors candidates for the recipient(s) of the Fellow of AOAC INTERNATIONAL award.
Contact: May Rose Jones, [email protected]

Committee on Membership

Purpose: To recommend policies and procedures for all types of AOAC memberships.
Contact: Dawn Frazier, [email protected]; May Rose Jones, [email protected]

Laboratory Proficiency Testing Program Advisory Committee

Purpose: To serve the Association in a scientific and advisory capacity in the operation of the AOAC Laboratory Proficiency Testing Program and related activities.
Contact: Shane Flynn, [email protected]