AOAC INTERNATIONAL’s Analytical International Methods and Standards Program (AIMS), is a new program designed to address emerging microbial threats to food safety; to deliver analytical solutions to capability gaps in laboratory testing; and, to develop standards for the use of cutting-edge diagnostic technologies and applications.

This Thought Leader Meeting is designed as an interactive session by directly engaging a broad range of stakeholder communities with a  common interest in the areas outlined in the AIMS program [view prospectus] and to identify and prioritize program activities. This session will focus on non-culturable pathogens – food-borne viruses initially – and the challenges to support methods development and validation (criteria, appropriate surrogates, reference materials, etc.).

Brief presentations from specific stakeholder communities on knowledge gaps and challenges will be offered. In between each presentation, the “floor” will be opened for further discussion from participants. Afterward, we will take what we learn from the TLD, focus the objectives to gain greater involvement and financial support for the program, and then establish an advisory panel to guide subsequent working group activities.