The Journal of AOAC INTERNATIONAL ℠ helps you discover the latest in basic and applied research in analytical sciences related to foods, drugs, agriculture, the environment, and more.

The Journal is the method researchers’ forum for exchanging information and keeping informed of new technology and techniques pertinent to regulatory agencies and regulated industries. You can access contributions from leaders in chemical and microbiological analysis developed through AOAC’s stakeholder process.

The Journal of AOAC INTERNATIONAL is part of the Oxford University Press catalog of premier scientific publications and is published 6 times yearly, presenting fully-refereed contributed papers in the fields of chemical and microbiological analysis, including: 

  • Original research on new techniques and applications, 
  • Validation studies, 
  • Studies leading to method development,
  • Newly-adopted AOAC-approved methods, and 
  • Invited reviews. 

For information about submitting a paper to J. AOAC Int., contact Jennifer Diatz, at [email protected]

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  • Archived Articles (1999 and Older)

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