AOAC’s active volunteer communities and task forces allow stakeholders to cross-pollinate ideas and stay abreast of the latest developments in their area of interest.

AOAC Communities

Agricultural Materials CommunityChair: William Hall, [email protected]Agricultural Materials Community
Marine and Freshwater Toxins CommunityChair: Jim Hungerford
[email protected]
Asst. Chair: Ana Gago-Martinez
[email protected]
Marine and Freshwater Toxins Community
Chemical Contaminants & Residues CommunityCo-Chair: Cheryl Lassitter, [email protected]
Co-Chair: Victoria Siegel, [email protected]
Pesticides Community,
Vet Drug Residues Community,
Heavy Metals Community, Environmental and Emerging Contaminants Community
Mycotoxins CommunityCo-Chair: Susie Dai
[email protected]
Co-Chair: Donna Houchins
[email protected]
Mycotoxins Community
Water and Wastewater CommunityChair: Ed AskewWater and Wastewater Community
Food Allergens CommunityCo-Chair: Carmen Diaz-AmigoFood Allergens Community