The Official Methods of AnalysisSM (OMA) program is AOAC INTERNATIONAL’s premier methods program. This methods program is distinct from the annual publication, Official Methods of Analysis of AOAC INTERNATIONAL.

Approved methods undergo rigorous, systematic scientific scrutiny to ensure they are highly credible and defensible—and can be used with confidence by industry, regulatory agencies, research organizations, testing laboratories, and academic institutions.

OMA methods are recognized in the U.S. Code of Federal Regulations and are legally defensible in court worldwide.

The program evaluates:

  • Chemistry methods, 
  • Microbiology methods, 
  • Molecular biology methods, 
  • Traditional benchtop methods, 
  • Instrumental methods, and 
  • Proprietary, commercial, and/or alternative methods.

Submitting Methods

AOAC periodically issues Calls for Methods. Methods developers may also submit sole source/individual methods for methods not associated with an open Call for Methods. The AOAC OMA Program also reviews  candidate methods previously certified through the Performance Tested Methods program.

First Action and Final Action Evaluation

The program includes two levels of evaluation:

First Action Official MethodsSM

First Action Official MethodsSM are evaluated by first convening experts to develop voluntary consensus standards. They are then subject to collective expert judgment of methods using the adopted standards. All AOAC Official MethodsSM are reviewed by Expert Review Panels for First Action AOAC Official Methods of AnalysisSM status, continuance, repeal, and/or to recommend for AOAC Final Action Official Methods status.

Methods must be shown to be reproducible before they are considered for Final Action, meaning that they perform consistently despite deviations in personnel, equipment, location and laboratory set up.

Final Action Official Methods

Final Action Official Methods are approved by the Official Methods Board following the Expert Review Panel review and approval.

AOAC publishes approved methods in the Official Methods of Analysis and publishes supporting method manuscripts in the Journal of AOAC INTERNATIONAL.