The AOAC Research Institute (AOAC RI) is a division of AOAC INTERNATIONAL that promotes and conducts activities to help develop, improve, and validate proprietary testing methods.

Performance Tested MethodsSM (PTM) Overview

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The Performance Tested MethodsSM (PTM) program helps organizations have confidence in their results in order to safeguard their businesses, ensure integrity, and protect consumers through trusted, reliable testing methods and products.

The PTM program, developed more than 30 years ago to provide a reliable but fast-paced review to help make the latest technology available to the market quickly. It provides independent third-party review and certification for proprietary test method performance. The certification mark assures users that an independent assessment found that test method performance meets an appropriate standard for its intended use. The PTM program has played a crucial role with emerging health concerns by providing a widely accepted certification in a fast-to-market context. Most recently, we provided PTM status to five COVID test kits during the global pandemic.

The PTM program process is: 

  1. The method developer and an AOAC RI technical consultant prepare a validation outline for validation study protocols in the consulting phase. 
  2. AOAC staff reviews the application.
  3. The method developer completes its validation study.
  4. AOAC RI selects an independent lab to complete the independent validation study.
  5. AOAC RI facilitates expert peer review of the results of both validation studies. If approved, AOAC RI grants AOAC Performance TestedSM certification, and the organization is licensed to use the certification mark.
  6. The certification is reviewed for renewal the following year.

Contributing Membership

Contributing Membership is a non-voting membership category created for the AOAC Research Institute. The AOAC Research Institute Advisory Council comprises representatives of the Contributing Member organizations in good standing.
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Annual dues are $7,000.00 USD and benefits include:

  1. Discounts on PTM program services:
    • Method submission
    • Method modification
    • Consulting, formatting & report services
    • Certification renewal
  2. AOACRI Advisory Council seat (with secondary representative option)
  3. Complimentary AOACI individual membership (for primary or secondary representative)
  4. Discounts on AOACRI method validation training courses

For all questions, contact Nora Marshall, Senior Manager, AOAC Research Institute, at [email protected].