August 30, 2019

Greater flexibility, ROI, and opportunities for participation

Balloting is open from July 8, 2019 to August 29, 2019

As AOAC evolves to meet the demands of the analytical science community, we recognize that the most important element to success is our members. Whatever their area of scientific focus, stage of career, or geographic location, AOAC members must continue to benefit from opportunities that support their contribution to public health and allow them to thrive professionally.

AOAC’s solution to this challenge is to put members in the driver’s seat of their AOAC experience, by greatly expanding membership options, lowering individual membership fees, introducing a variety of organizational membership tiers, and allowing members to choose the services, programs, and publications that benefit them most.

By lowering the cost of entry, AOAC hopes to attract new members and expand participation, while strengthening and helping sustain the association into the future. Similarly, the newly tiered organizational memberships offer expanded benefits, participation opportunities, and return on investment.

This membership strategy goes hand in hand with other exciting new initiatives being planned and implemented throughout the Association, with an eye to enhancing professional development opportunities, increasing and diversifying the pool of AOAC subject matter experts, and broadening participation by organizational and individual members in an expanding array of volunteer opportunities. This is an important step in creating a more dynamic, inclusive, and innovative AOAC.

Once members approve the required bylaw changes, the new structure would become available on October 1. Should you want to convert to the new plan prior to your renewal date, feel free to contact AOAC Customer Service at [email protected].

Highlights for Individual Members

Individual AOAC members benefit from being part of a community of like-minded experts. Through this network members are kept abreast of the latest technical, regulatory, and technology changes that impact their industries and professions. AOAC members are key to contributing to new standards and methods that solve significant problems within their areas, while helping improve food safety and public health worldwide.

  • AOAC’s new approach to individual membership give members more control of their benefits, letting them choose and adjust AOAC offerings year by year as their careers and scientific focus change.
  • JAOAC Online and ILM Online are planned to be included with basic membership, helping keep individuals attuned to scientific and standards advances. eOMA would become an option for subscription at a member rate.
  • Members will also continue to enjoy generous discounts for meetings, training, and networking opportunities.

Additionally, the lower membership fees make membership more affordable for more members from around the world. This means the AOAC professional community will continue to expand, bringing fresh perspectives and even more diverse expertise to members.

Pricing chart

Please see bottom of page for acronym key.

Highlights for Organizational Members

For organizational members, AOAC affords access to international scientific experts, leading technology providers, and domestic and international regulators.

The new six-tiered organizational membership structure provides organizations even more options for participation and impact. The Organizational Affiliates and Sustaining Member categories have been replaced by tiers ranging from Supporter through Ambassador. Each tier has a corresponding array of bundled individual memberships, subscriptions, discounted services and publications, and other valuable benefits.

  • All tiers provide multiple individual memberships, access to JAOAC Online, eOMA, TDRM and TDLM, as well as an organizational logo/link on the AOAC website.
  • Higher tiers include Print OMA, complimentary or discounted VIP webinars, Board meeting invitations, Annual Meeting Registration, and more invaluable networking and coordination opportunities.

Organizational members are invaluable to AOAC’s efforts to engage the global community in harmonizing methods and standards. Working toward a single goal, AOAC’s harmonizing efforts provide tremendous business value through cost efficiency and proven efficacy.

Acronym key:

ILM – Inside Laboratory Management
OMA – AOAC Official Methods of Analysis
ALAAC – AOAC Accreditation Guidelines for Laboratories
TDLM – Technical Division for Laboratory Management
TDRM – Technical Division on Reference Materials
AM – AOAC Annual Meeting & Exposition
MYM – AOAC Midyear Meeting
RI – Research Institute