September 22, 2022

The AOAC Acrylamide Working Group recently completed its review, revision, and reconciliation of public comments of the SMPR for Acrylamide in potato products, baby food, bread, other cereal and bakery products, cocoa products, coffee, tea, herbs and spices (including their mixtures), dry pet food, and nuts; and is now open for voting. 

Voting Process

The public comment period for this SMPR was open through July 2022. Comments were compiled and reviewed by the Working Group Chairs, Drs.  Aurélien Desmarchelier and Katerina Mastovska. Based on the comments received from the community during this public comment period, the document was revised to reconcile those comments.

To review the final draft SMPR and to cast your vote, please follow the link: Voting will be open through Friday, October 7, 2022. AOAC encourages the sharing and distribution of this document and link for voting.

For questions, please contact Allison Baker, [email protected]