September 8, 2022

The internationally recognized Journal of AOAC INTERNATIONAL is seeking Special Guest Editors able to propose topics-oriented sections containing basic and applied research manuscripts. These Special Sections present typically 4-10 papers related to AOAC’s mission of advancing food safety, food integrity, and public health.

Guest Edited collections reflect the main attributes and subjects of Journal papers: the reliable and scientifically sound description of analytical chemical and microbiological methods when speaking of emerging and crosscutting topics. Nine subject areas are available including methods for animal food, environmental contaminants, food chemical contaminants, human nutrient, and natural products. Articles generally range from new techniques and applications, validation studies, studies leading to method development, newly adopted AOAC-approved methods, and invited reviews. With reference to Special Guest Sections, each collection concerns a well-defined topic.

The new Acquisitions Editor, Salvatore Parisi, would like to highlight a restricted number of emerging topics and areas of interest in the following months. Below are some of the topics we would like to pursue for Guest Edited Collections:

  • Metagenomics and food products today. Applications and perspectives (possible “In memoriam” Special Section for Dr. Patrice Arbault, a former AOAC INTERNATIONAL friend and colleague, references:
  • MALDI-TOF MS for rapid microbial screening
  • Portable analytical devices for aflatoxins and other (natural and synthetic) contaminants in foods
  • New frontiers concerning analysis of food pathogens in foods: biosensors.

The proposals should include:

  1. The topic and scope of the proposed Special Section. The scope should include the topics that will be covered. The scope may also include topics to be excluded.
  2. A list of authors to be potentially invited, including their general area of contribution, affiliations, and addresses.
  3. The timeline of the proposed Special Section.

Subsequently, the proposal (topic and scope) will be evaluated by the appropriate Section Editor for approval.

Should you be interested in submitting a proposal for a Guest Editor Section, including an introduction by the Special Guest Editor(s) – or should you have different ideas in this ambit, please feel free to contact Salvatore Parisi, Acquisitions Editor, at [email protected] and [email protected]. He will explain to you how to realize your ideas “together.”

For general article submission types, instructions to authors, and authorship standards, please visit the Journal web page. For more information, please contact Jennifer Diatz, Director of Publications, at [email protected].