March 9, 2023

This is your last chance to enroll for the March 20th round of the AOAC Ready-to-Analyze, No-Spiking-Required Hemp & Cannabis concentration/potency and chemical contaminants PT Programs (Six programs available) include the following analytes: cannabinoids, terpenes, moisture, water activity, heavy metals, pesticides, and mycotoxins. For more information or to enroll, contact PT Staff at [email protected].

What sets the AOAC program apart:

  • Ready to analyze samples, No Spiking Required
  • AOAC uses reference labs and not consensus values for statistics 
  • Comprehensive programs-report for more analytes for less cost
  • 2.5g of sample per analyte group
  • AOAC is the only PT provider that can offer both Hemp and real >0.3% (low,med,high THC) Cannabis samples