May 24, 2023

AOAC INTERNATIONAL established the Analytical International Methods and Standards (AIMS) program in an effort to meet emerging industry needs by providing standards for microbial pathogen detection that incorporates novel and emerging technologies.

A thought leader discussion was held during the AIMS session at the 2023 AOAC Midyear Meeting to understand current industry needs regarding detection and enumeration of Legionella spp. Representatives from method development, independent laboratory, and the water treatment industries provided perspective on gaps with currently available cultural techniques and the need for a framework for validation of alternative methods. The focus of this new program will be to provide a framework for validation of alternative methods in Legionella detection and quantification.

The Legionella Working Group will be established under the auspices of AIMS but will be guided by a dedicated Advisory Panel. This panel will meet at least quarterly to determine the objectives of the working group, review progress, and consider any required directional changes.

AOAC is seeking support from organizations to commence working group activities.