August 3, 2022

During the most recent AOAC Official MethodsSM Analytical Methods Week (AMW) held July 25-29, 2022, eight ERPs were scheduled to meet to review a combined 23 methods. Seven of the eight Expert Review Panels (ERPs) met and advanced 17 of the 23 methods submitted. Methods not advanced may be resubmitted as ERPs provided recommendations for resubmission.

The ERPs that met during AMW along with the methods that were advanced are listed below..

  • ERP for Low Lactose Methods – chaired by Sean Austin (Société Produits des Nestlé)
  • ERP for Microbiology Methods for Food & Environmental Surfaces – co-chaired by Daniele Sohier (Thermo Fisher Scientific) and Catharine Carlin (Mérieux NutriSciences)
  • ERP for SPIFAN Contaminant Methods – chaired by Katerina Mastovska (Eurofins US)
  • ERP for CASP Chemical Contaminants in Cannabis – chaired by Andrew Pham (Epic Solutions and Analytics)
  • ERP for Sugars and Fructan Methods – chaired by George Joseph (AsureQuality NZ)
  • ERP for Veterinary Drug Residue Methods – chaired by Joe Boison (EJ Consultancy)
  • ERP for SPIFAN Nutrient Methods – chaired by Darryl Sullivan (Eurofins US)

The following candidate methods were adopted as First Action status Official Methods of AnalysisSM:

  • “Chlorate and Perchlorate in a Broad Range of Food Commodities, Including Baby Food, Nutritional Formulas, and Ingredients”
  • “Determination of Fluoride in Infant Formula by Microdiffusion and Ion Selective Electrode,”

The following Official Methods of AnalysisSM were extended to a new instrument:

  • AOAC 996.08 “Salmonella in Foods”
  • AOAC 999.06 “Listeria in Foods”
  • AOAC 2004.02 “Listeria monocytogenes in Foods”
  • AOAC 2004.03 “Salmonella in Foods”
  • AOAC 2004.06 “Listeria in Foods”
  • AOAC 2007.06 “Staphylococcal Entertoxins in Selected Foods”
  • AOAC 2010.02 “Listeria species in Foods”
  • AOAC 2011.03 “Salmonella in a Variety of Food”
  • AOAC 2013.01 “Salmonella in a Variety of Foods”
  • AOAC 2013.10 “Listeria species in a Variety of Foods and Environmental Surfaces”
  • AOAC 2013.11 “Listeria monocytogenes in a Variety of Foods”
  • AOAC 2020.06 “Enterohemorrhagic E. coli in Select Foods”

The following First Action status Official Methods of AnalysisSM were recommended for Final Action status:

  • AOAC 2021.01 “Lactose in Lactose-Free and Low-Lactose Milk, Milk Products, and Products Containing Dairy Ingredients,”
  • AOAC 2018.16 “Sugar Profile in Food, Dietary Supplements, Pet Food, and Animal Feeds”
  • AOAC 2020.04 “Screening of 152 Veterinary Drug Residues in Animal Source Foods by LC-MS/MS,”

The ERP for Total Sulfur in Fertilizer Methods, chaired by William Hall (N-P-K Consulting) is in the process of rescheduling its meeting to review AOAC 2017.08 “Total Sulfur in Fertilizers” for Final Action status recommendation.