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Food Authenticity/Fraud Program

Friday, September 6, 9:00am – 5:00pm

This newly launched AOAC program supports the analytical needs of our stakeholders to address intentional and economically motivated food adulteration. In this meeting, the Non-Targeted Testing Working Group will be reviewing a draft standard, the first of its kind to identify and put parameters around acceptance criteria for non-targeted testing. This standard will apply to three commodities: milk, olive oil, and honey. In addition, the Targeted Testing Working Group will also share the results of gap analysis of existing methodologies. 

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Infant Formula and Adult Nutritionals

Saturday, September 7, 8:30am – 5:00pm

The AOAC Stakeholder Panel on Infant Formula and Adult Nutritionals (SPIFAN) may be forming new working groups at the Annual Meeting and will deliver updates on harmonized methods in progress with ISO and IDF as well as progress on methods in the Codex process. The AOAC ERP for SPIFAN Nutrient Methods will also meet to review methods for either First Action Offical MethodsSM status or to make a recommendation regarding  Final Action Official MethodsSM to the AOAC Official Methods Board.

Cannabis Analytical Science Program (CASP) Meeting

Saturday, September 7, 9:00am – 5:00pm

Currently, no globally recognized standards and methods exist for validating the safety, potency, and label claims of cannabis products available to consumers. To respond to this growing need, AOAC launched the CASP program. Three working groups are developing standards for analytical methodology for measuring cannabinoid levels in cannabis and hemp consumables, measuring chemical contaminants, and detecting microbial contaminants in cannabis. At the Annual Meeting, the working groups will present draft standards on residual solvents, identifying Aspergillus spp. in cannabis, and cannabinoid quantitation in hemp plant materials for adoption as SMPRs. In addition, attendees will discuss next steps and identify priority subjects to tackle in the coming year.

The Analytical Solutions Forum

Sunday, September 8, 8:30am – 2:30pm

The AOAC Analytical Solutions Forum (ASF) convenes global stakeholders from government, industry and academia to identify emerging analytical needs and propose strategies to address these challenges. The theme for the ASF at this year’s Annual Meeting is “Analytical Tools for Emerging Agricultural Products.” The morning plenary session will highlight two focus areas: Botanicals and Herbal Supplements and Biostimulants and Soil Amendments. Concurrent breakout sessions will then follow to separately consider these subtopics in greater depth. Through the active participation of attendees, the goal will be to identify areas of analytical need and provide a framework for potential program development. The outputs from each breakout session will then be presented and discussed during the afternoon plenary session. During the ASF, attendees can attend an optional “Lunch and Learn” session to learn the key elements of the ASF and how it will serve to drive new program development.

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