July 15, 2021

Arlene Fox, Senior Director of Proficiency Testing, recently announced her plans to retire on October 8, 2021 following 24 years of service to AOAC INTERNATIONAL. For 23 of those years, Arlene has been the one and only head of AOAC’s Laboratory Proficiency Testing Program (LPTP), which she founded. Arlene and her team have grown the program to thrive and sustain itself–even through the recent pandemic. Arlene has also served as the staff liaison to the Technical Division for Laboratory Management (TDLM) and the Analytical Laboratory Accreditation Criteria Committee (ALACC) for many years.

Arlene came to AOAC with 20 years of experience in chromatographic method development and validation. This experience entailed both food and pharmaceutical analysis. Her previous positions have included Section Director of Research and Development and Director of Bioanalytical Chemistry. She holds a B.S. in Physiology from the University of Chicago and has completed graduate biochemical classes.

We are grateful for her dedicated service and glad to have her expertise still with us as we transition her position to a replacement; look for updates on that process soon.