April 8, 2024

The Journal of AOAC INTERNATIONAL is issuing a Call for Authors for a Special Edition on “Green Chemistry: Recent Advances in Food and Dietary Supplement Analysis” Guest Edited by Zhengfei Lu and Joseph Betz.

In an era marked by heightened environmental awareness, the integration of green chemistry principles into analytical methodologies is a critical and necessary evolution for quality control laboratories. This special journal section aims to provide a scholarly platform focusing on analytical methods designed to minimize environmental impact.

Our objective is to highlight research demonstrating significant advancements in green analytical chemistry within the food and dietary supplement industries. We welcome original research articles, case studies, and methodological reviews that apply practical green chemistry principles to laboratory processes. We emphasize innovative adaptations that have successfully reduced laboratories’ ecological footprints, such as transitioning from conventional chromatography systems to more efficient ultrahigh-performance chromatography systems, reducing solvent and chemical waste, and adopting eco-friendly technologies like rapid spectrum techniques and Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR), as well as Supercritical Fluid Chromatography (SFC).

This special section serves as a repository for analytical methods that demonstrate quantifiable environmental benefits following the implementation of greener practices. However, contributions discussing the alignment of laboratory processes with broader corporate sustainability initiatives and the educational aspects of green chemistry fall outside the scope of this section.

Through this collaborative and interdisciplinary initiative, we aim to deepen the understanding and appreciation of green laboratory practices, steering the scientific community toward methodologies that are safer, more sustainable, and efficient—ultimately, in harmony with our environment.

Interested parties should contact the Guest Editors Zhengfei Lu [email protected] and Joseph Betz [email protected].

Photo by Premreuthaistock.adobe.com