March 3, 2024

AOAC INTERNATIONAL (AOAC) invites method developers to submit methods for First Action consideration and possible evaluation through the AOAC Official MethodsTM program. Prospective methods must be able to quantify selected pesticides in natural color additives manufactured from crop-based sources as defined in the Standard Method Performance Requirements® (AOAC SMPR®2024.001).

Method Eligibility

An eligible method must meet the various parameters outlined in the SMPR® and must be reliable, repeatable, and ultimately reproducible when used by trained analysts. Reference the SMPR® for definitions and the proposed method validation requirements for parameters such as limit of quantification, recovery, repeatability, and reproducibility, system suitability, and reference materials. Any analytical technique that meets the method performance requirements is acceptable, more than one technique may be needed.

Interested method developers must provide their method and accompanying validation data (at minimum from a single-laboratory validation study) demonstrating that the method can meet the performance requirements.

AOAC Method Submission Requirements and Deadlines

Candidate methods must be submitted in AOAC Official Methods of AnalysisTM (OMA) format, and the validation study data submitted as a manuscript in Journal of AOAC INTERNATIONAL format, NO EXCEPTIONS. Method safety must also be included for submission.

If you need assistance with putting your method or data into format, AOAC provides a formatting consulting service for a fee, please contact Constance Bahr for more information.

Full single laboratory validation is the minimum requirement at this stage (for First Action consideration), later followed by a reproducibility study for Final Action consideration.

Method applications fees are waived for methods submitted as a response to this Call.

Methods and manuscripts must be submitted by Thursday, May 16, 2024.

Submit your Method

Submit your method(s) for First Action status consideration (email submissions will not be accepted). For general information or comments on the Official MethodsTM program please contact [email protected].

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