February 28, 2024

Call for Nominations

Recommend a colleague today!

The AOAC Official Methods Board is soliciting nominations for its annual Technical Service Award. 

Deadline:  Friday, March 29, 2024

Nomination Form

The Official Methods Board (OMB) recognizes volunteer(s) who demonstrated timely, competent, and continuous service in an exemplary manner to an AOAC Science Program (SP), Expert Review Panel (ERP), Working Group (WG), Section, Community, Committee and/or to the OMB. This volunteer contributes outstanding expert guidance and support in all technical aspects as needed and requested. 

The nomination must demonstrate that the volunteer provided significant contribution(s) to the association within the three years prior to nomination. Past winners of the Technical Service Award are eligible for subsequent nominations provided that new contributions of service can be clearly delineated. 

 Examples of exemplary service: 

  1. Has provided process expertise or guidance on safety, statistical or technical matters. 
  2. Has been instrumental in developing, modifying or validating a high-quality method for publication in the Official Methods of Analysis. 
  3. Has contributed significantly to AOAC INTERNATIONAL over a period of years with other accomplishments related to his/her area of expertise (e.g., symposium presentations, poster presentations, publications, workshops, meetings). 
  4. Has contributed to the development and improvement of AOAC INTERNATIONAL guidelines, Official Methods of Analysis methods, statistics or safety programs. 
  5. Has helped guide AOAC in the decision-making process to make the organization a leader in the field of analytical science. 

Nominations must include a minimum of two (2) letters of support from the AOAC community.

Photo by kastostock.adobe.com