September 26, 2023

Manuscripts considered for this section should include those describing analytical methods or techniques for a wide variety of analytes in materials such as grain, feed ingredients, forage, mixed feeds, fertilizers, blended fertilizers, soil amendments, enhanced efficiency fertilizers, biostimulants, biosolids, pesticide formulations, animal tissues, and soils. Examples of analytes are nutrients and micronutrients (both total and soluble): minerals (macro, trace, and micro); feed additives (e.g., drugs, antibiotics, vitamins); and contaminants, toxicants or non-nutritive analytes (e.g., drug residues, mycotoxins, metals pesticides, pathogens, microbes). Generally, these methods are of importance for commerce (labeling, formulating, pricing), for the purpose of monitoring to ensuring animal health and food/feed safety. See instructions

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