January 31, 2024

On January 29, AOAC sent the first Oil proficiency testing samples in a Cannabis >0.3%THC and Hemp <0.3% THC Oil matrices for a pilot round. Like all AOAC PT programs, samples arrive homogeneous and ready to analyze, no spiking of the sample by the participating lab is required. Labs have the option to analyze and report for cannabinoids (18), Terpenes (33), Water Activity, Heavy Metals (12), Mycotoxins (5), Pesticide Residues (over 100 possible residues), and Residual Solvents (Class 1, Class 2, Class 3, and additional possible residual solvents). Participating laboratories have two weeks to complete their analyses and report results. In addition to the dried cannabis and hemp flower/biomass PT programs already offered for potency/concentration and contaminants, AOAC is developing programs for microbiological contaminants in dried hemp flower/biomass matrix and also potency/concentration and contaminants for edible matrices. These programs will be available mid-2024. To learn more about the live round which will follow the pilot, or to learn about other current cannabis and hemp PT programs contact staff at [email protected].