January 21, 2021

This year’s Midyear Meeting is breaking new ground with updates on the latest new topics, spotlight on AOAC regional Sections and Communities, and a preview of what’s coming in AOAC food standards initiatives in the coming year. Below are some just some of the highlights.

Emerging science at the 2021 Analytical Solutions Forum

As in previous forums, the MYM21 will again highlight emerging food safety concerns from two distinct regions of the world, Southeast Asia and the Middle East; introduce a timely emerging challenge; provide an update on ongoing AOAC core program activities; and offer an open discussion between attendees and members of the Analytical Solutions Forum Steering Committee. Learn more about the 2021 MYM Analytical Solutions Forum >

AOAC INTERNATIONAL and the “One Health” concept

This Midyear Meeting’s Analytical Solutions Forum features the Global One Health concept, a collaborative, multi-disciplinary, multi-stakeholder approach to ensuring human health that recognizes the interconnects between humans, animals, plants, and the environment. In a symposium on the first day of the Analytical Solutions Forum, AOAC and guest speakers will examine the role of AOAC in this approach that has become a key focus of global health organizations like the UN, WHO, FDA, and the CDC.

Responding to a pandemic: Lessons learned from COVID-19

This session covers the AOAC community’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic that includes leadership from validation scientists, expert reviewers, independent testing laboratories, method developers, and front-line users.  Learn how AOAC Research Institute implemented an Emergency Response Validation (ERV) project for SARS-CoV-2 test kits, in which in silico analysis was used for the first time for the purpose of validation. The session will finish with a discussion of problems remaining to be solved and what role the AOAC community may need to take for the next pandemic or public health crisis.

AOAC core programs in 2021: What’s coming

On Tuesday afternoon, join thought leader discussions and get updates from Senior Directors on Working Group activities across AOAC’s core programs, program goals for 2021, and an introduction from Chief Science Officer Palmer Orlandi of new proposals expected soon in 2021. This includes heat-generated compounds in foods, where we’ll be looking at acrylamide and furans, both of which are featured in a later session at the Midyear Meeting.

Don’t Miss: AOAC Research Institute’s Scott Coates will be introducing the new AOACRI “Reviewed & Recognized” program; and the new Gluten & Food Allergens program will have its kickoff meeting featuring two new working groups.

Standards for Safety and Security

With safety being the number one priority in today’s testing and quality environment, lab security is a growing focus. AOAC is re-examining its Committee on Safety with an expansion to include security. In this Town Hall and panel discussion, learn about changes being considered and give your input into creating a new culture of safety and security. 

Mini symposium: FSMA Requirements for Accredited Laboratories 

The FSMA Laboratory Accreditation Final Rule is expected to go into effect this year. This session will explore the requirements that your laboratory will need to meet for FSMA accreditation.  Hear the latest information on how the FDA will be instituting a FSMA Laboratory Accreditation Program to ensure food safety.  Join us in hearing from regulators and accrediting bodies as they plan for implementation of the final rule.