July 10, 2020

UPDATED July 20, 2020

We have recently upgraded our online Member Portal to bring you the most up-to-date technology in the safest, most secure environment.

The modernized Portal should streamline the process for members to log in to their accounts, Official Methods of AnalysisSM Online (eOMA) subscriptions, and free member access to the Journal of AOAC INTERNATIONAL online. Following the upgrade, account holders may be required to change their passwords.

Customer Service is standing by to help any members or subscribers with login issues. If you need help, just call 301-924-7077 and follow the prompts, or email Customer Service at [email protected].

AOAC improving for you

The new AOAC Member Portal contains extensive new features and enhancements including:

  • Advanced usability and functionality
  • Improved security and GDPR compliance
  • Expanded reporting capabilities to streamline Customer Service interactions
  • Greater flexibility for event registration and user-friendly account customization