April 26, 2023

The AOAC Research Institute announces Metrohm, Inc. and Thermofisher Scientific, Inc. were awarded AOAC’s first Installation & Operational Qualification (Q2) Certifications for Technology Provider instrument documentation in support of ISO 17025:2017 laboratory accreditation and customer service.

Metrohm’s Model 940 Professional IC + Model 858 Professional Sample Processor™ + Amperometric Detector™ earned Q2 Certification Q2-032302 in March 2023. Dr. Jayesh Gandhi, Vertical Marketing Manager for Metrohm, states Metrohm’s first Q2 Certification ensures the “quality of instruments are warranted with excellent documentation and service.” Dr. Gandhi provided valued technical support and expertise on multiple fronts during the AOAC Installation & Operational QualificationSM (Q2) Program’s development.

Thermo Scientific’s TSQ Quantis™ Plus Triple Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer was awarded AOAC Q2 Certification Q2-042302 in April 2023. Ed George, Vertical Marketing Manager for Thermofisher, emphasizes the hand-off of the instrument system becomes a smoother process, Q2 Certification instills confidence in successful installation and familiarization training, and the certification improves visibility between the service engineer and laboratories.