November 8, 2023

Did you know that the Journal of AOAC INTERNATIONAL publishes papers on Microbiological Methods? This section includes methods for identification and detection (qualitative and quantitative) of the pathogenic, indicator and beneficial microbes, and the natural microflora found in foods, feeds, cosmetics, drugs, and their production environments. Manuscripts about immunological, nucleic acid, and biochemical detection and identification methods and reports of studies on detection of airborne bio-threat microbes will also be considered. The analytes of interest include but are not limited to bacteria, fungi and molds, protozoa, algae, parasites, and viruses. In addition, manuscripts about methods for assessing the efficacy of disinfectants and preservatives and the microbial properties of biofilms are appropriate. Clinical microbiology methods submissions, especially reviews, can be considered only if they indicate their relevance and/or potential applicability to the pathogenic microbes that may occur in the Journal’s listed matrices of interest. This section also encourages publication of whole genome sequencing methodology research and the application of artificial intelligence-based machine learning in microbiology. To publish your paper in the Journal please visit the submission site at: