October 4, 2023


Determination of α-Carotene in infant formula, adult/pediatric formula and select milk and milk products

AOAC INTERNATIONAL (AOAC) invites method developers to submit methods for consideration and possible evaluation through the AOAC Official MethodsSM program. Prospective methods must be able to measure the amount of α-Carotene found in all forms of infant, adult, and/or pediatric formulas.  Methods with an expanded applicability to select milk and milk products (milk powder, milk protein concentrate, and UHT milk) are highly encouraged for submission.

For the purpose of this call for methods of total (include cis and trans isomers if they are separated) α-carotene in all forms of infant, adult, and/or pediatric formula (powders, ready-to-feed liquids, and liquid concentrates) according to the published Standard Method Performance Requirements SMPR®).

AOAC SMPR® 2017.005

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Method Eligibility

The intended use of the method determined to meet the SMPR and fulfill the ERP recommendations is for reference method for dispute resolution as designated by Codex as Type II status for α-carotene. Acceptable methods must be reliable, repeatable, and ultimately reproducible when used by trained analysts in accredited laboratories.

Reference the draft SMPR for definitions and the proposed method validation requirements for parameters such as analytical range, limit of quantitation, recovery, repeatability and reproducibility, system suitability and reference materials. Any analytical technique that meets the method performance requirements is acceptable.

Interested method developers must provide their method and data demonstrating that the method can meet the SMPR requirements for determining α-carotene in infant formula and adult/pediatric formula. For those methods with an expanded applicability, sufficient data is required to demonstrate satisfactory method performance for α-carotene in milk powder, milk protein concentrate, and UHT milk.

AOAC Method Submission Requirements and Deadlines

Method authors may submit methods for review to the Official Methods of Analysis (OMA) program.

Official Methods of Analysis (OMA) Program

  • Candidate methods must be submitted in AOAC OMA format, and the data submitted as a manuscript in Journal of AOAC INTERNATIONAL format. No exceptions. Please see the Access to Method Submission Form below as it contains information on requirements for submission, including format information and method safety.
  • Full single laboratory validation required followed by a reproducibility study.
  • Application fees apply for rapid commercial proprietary methods only.
  • Methods and manuscripts must be submitted by specified deadlines.

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For general information or comments on the Official MethodsSM Program, contact Deborah McKenzie.


For general questions on submitting methods for infant formula and adult nutritionals, contact Delia Boyd.

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View Standard Method Performance Requirements (SMPR):

AOAC SMPR® 2017.005 Standard Method Performance Requirements (SMPRs®) for Determination of α-carotene in Infant and Adult/Pediatric Nutritional Formula