June 30, 2021

The AOAC Research Institute (AOAC RI) identified cannabis as a new and emerging matrix for Salmonella/STEC methods in an announcement in May 2021. The AOAC RI is now planning a Targeted Matrix Extension (TME) program for validation of cannabis for Salmonella Methods, STEC Methods, or Salmonella/STEC Multiplex Methods on or about July 30, 2021.

Targeted Matrix Extension (TME) Program Details

  1. AOAC RI Performance Tested MethodsSM  (PTM) and Official Methods of AnalysisSM (OMA) in good standing are eligible.   
  2. New, unapproved methods may participate in the project with the understanding that they must complete all requirements for AOAC RI PTM or OMA prior to certification. 
  3. AOAC RI (with input from Advisory Council members) will select expert reviewers. 
  4. AOAC RI (with input from expert reviewers and Advisory Council members) will develop a common evaluation protocol. 
  5. AOAC RI (with input from expert reviewers and Advisory Council members) will select an independent laboratory or laboratories. 
  6. Method Developers will be responsible for drafting and submitting the PTM report. Report drafting can be contracted to the AOAC RI for a fee. OMA deadlines, instructions to authors, and the OMA submission process will be provided, but are outside the scope of the AOAC RI.
  7. All methods will follow the normal PTM review process with a three-person review.
  8. AOAC RI, to the best of its ability, will complete the evaluation and certification of methods as a group. However: 
    • Methods will be approved as soon as possible.
    • Method developers are free to announce and promote method approvals as soon as the letter of approval is awarded.

For more information, contact Scott Coates, Senior Director, AOAC Research Institute, at [email protected] or 240-421-1950, or the AOAC RI technical consultant that you routinely work with.