August 10, 2023 
10:30 AM – 12:30 PM EDT 

The landscape of food production is changing. This change, driven by the desire for a more sustainable food supply and accelerated by advances in cellular biology, fermentation methods, and food science, has led to the development of novel protein sources. Emerging novel food products from these sources offer challenges for both producers and regulators to ensure their safety through accurate and fit-for-purpose analysis. AOAC INTERNATIONAL recognizes the need for harmonized and validated methods for these cutting-edge products and is developing a new program to address this need.

Join us as we are bringing together various stakeholders – regulators, scientists, industry experts, and innovators – in a dynamic webinar designed to foster collaboration and achieve a common goal of establishing harmonized standards bolstering consumers’ confidence and supporting innovation.

Our panel of experts, including Todor Todorov (US Food and Drug Administration), Kartheek Anekella-Anderson (Orbillion Bio), Jeffrey K. Tomberlin (Texas A&M University), Jay Alappat (Merieux Nutrisciences), and Katerina Mastovska (AOAC INTERNATIONAL), will share their knowledge, experiences and best practices to address the challenges facing this industry, followed by open forum discussion. We would like to hear your thoughts, suggestions, challenges and pain points, and identify solutions based on AOAC capabilities.

Who should participate: 
Subject matter experts and stakeholders from food industry, government, academia, testing laboratories, technology providers and other organizations.